Company Overview

phos empowers every merchant anywhere in the world to accept payments directly on their phones from contactless cards and other mobile phones and devices. Unlike the existing solutions like classic POS terminals or mobile POS, phos does not require any additional hardware. All that is needed is an Android NFC enabled device. Additionally, with phos merchants can seamlessly integrate payment acceptance with a variety of business applications such as loyalty, campaign management, geo location offers, analytics, etc. all from the comfort of their smart phones. phos derived from the need to find an affordable solution for micro-, small and medium-sized merchants for whom standard POS terminals were too expensive or inconvenient. phos is distributed both as an own brand and through white labelling. In the first case, the company offers its products directly to merchants (whereas the target is primarily micro, small to medium merchants that are un- or underserved in terms of POS usage) as well as through partnerships with ISOs and PSPs. In the case of white labelling, the company targets large consumer facing corporations such as banks and acquirers and offers phos as a whitelabel solution. Additional revenue stream is created by integrating an app store within phos, providing card issuing and later on lending products.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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