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Picnic ran a pilot program in the Dutch city of Amersfoort in summer of 2015, when they tested out their innovative idea of approaching the logistics of grocery delivery. Starting from a distribution center where local produce is collected and parsed for delivery, the company uses custom built electric vehicles to get their wares delivered from local hubs. The vehicles work in a way that’s reminiscent of old-fashioned milkmen: they follow set routes and deliver at set times, so costumers always know when to expect their fresh foodstuffs and other non-food supermarket assortment. That’s not only more efficient than how most grocery delivery companies go about it now – criss-crossing town to deliver at requested times, sometimes coming back to the same street after doing a delivery across town – but also allows Picnic to deliver for free. That same efficiency is found along the whole supply chain; the company only orders those products from suppliers that costumers ordered – app only - the night before thus avoiding food waste and reducing stock. And that paid off. In pilot city Amersfoort, Picnic grabbed 80% of grocery deliveries from incumbent supermarkets in the area.After just 1.5 years in existence, Picnic nabbed a historically large Series B funding round to roll out their service to the whole of the Netherlands. The 100 million euro round came from four Dutch family funds and dwarfs the Series B of companies like Uber ($37mm) and Snapchat ($80mm).With this new investment, the company plans to roll out service to the rest of the Netherlands, building larger and smaller distribution centers near cities and towns, and purchasing thousands of electric vehicles for delivery. This will ultimately lead to the creation of 10,000 jobs – both in distribution centers and in delivery.

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