Pirate Studios apart from a lot of existing rehearsal rooms and music production and recording studios, is that the startup is employing a lot of tech to power the logistics around its service and, in theory, make it a lot more scalable. This includes online booking, 24 hour keycode access, and other IoT controls for managing facilities.Pirate Studios offers “automated recording” and live streaming from many of its studios. This means that bands or DJs rehearsing in one of the company’s rooms can easily record their session via built in room mics and other inputs, and the studio’s cloud software will handle mixing and mastering afterwards. Likewise, rooms are set up to be able to video and audio stream sessions, too.Both options tap into the YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify generation’s unstoppable appetite for more content from their favourite upcoming and established acts, as well as the dreaded music industry’s favourite new metric: how much social media reach an act has, which can in turn make or break a recording contract opportunity or the chance to get booked at larger, more lucrative live events.

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Bristol, United Kingdom
United Kingdom

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Pirate Studios is a company that operates music rehearsal and recording studios. which leverage technology to give artists and DJs innovative options for recording and streaming, as well as to allow them to operate in a streamlined way. The studios are equipped with keycode access so can be used 24 hours a day without personnel needing to be on site, and there is internet of things (IoT) controls that enable much of the operation of the studios and rehearsal spaces to be automated. Spaces can be booked online, making things convenient for artists and their management, particularly when scheduling session artists or planning times for live streamed sessions. Pirate Studios rooms are set up to make it easy to run video or audio live streaming, as well as to record, so acts can use this to leverage their social media presence. Pirate Studios also runs its own live streamed online gig events and acts that use the studios can participate in them. Pirate Studios, based in London, England, has facilities including rehearsal studios, DJ studios and production studios all over the UK, including in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and in London, and also has studios in Berlin.

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