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We partner with entrepreneurs across stages and sectors to build tomorrow's category leaders


Pitango has been investing in exceptional founding teams and disruptive ideas since 1993. Pitango invests in core technology across all stages, via two parallel funds: Pitango VC and Pitango Growth.We believe innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship are means to make the world a better place. Our commitment is to entrepreneurs who go far beyond the status quo and have a world-changing vision. And we believe that diversity and inclusion are key in building a strong community of entrepreneurs. The Israeli society is as strong as its diversity and inclusion efforts, so is the tech ecosystem, who should endeavor as a whole to play a rodel in its inclusion efforts. Our name reflects our ethos. The Pitango is a fruit that grows in abundance throughout Israel, yet the ripest fruits are a challenge to find. Just like finding the right company takes a good eye for opportunity, persistence

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Herzliya, Israel
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