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The mobile crop doctor - supporting farmers to increase their productivity with the help of AI

Company Overview

Plantix is the biggest agricultural tech solution in the world. Our app helps millions of farmers secure their livelihood by reducing crop failure and increasing productivity. The farmer simply takes a photo of his diseased crop with Plantix and within seconds gets a disease diagnosis along with suggestions for remedial action. Now, Plantix is going one step further by advising the farmer on the exact product to purchase, where to buy it locally and how to apply it correctly. By applying advanced AI to agriculture, Plantix has brought the expertise of international crop scientists into the hands of small farmers in rural areas across the globe. Plantix technology is years ahead of any competition as it is trained on tens of millions of images and it continues to improve as we speak. We are the only company in the world that knows the farmer's needs in real-time, at scale, and with the ability to take fast and effective action.

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Berlin, Germany
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