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Playbuzz is storytelling platform that provides publishers & brands with interactive tools to craft engaging content.


Playbuzz is an award-winning storytelling platform that empowers publishers, brands and agencies worldwide to create interactive content for editorial and commercial purposes. The Playbuzz platform offers engaging storytelling tools, such as polls, quizzes, lists, videos and more, that enable publishers and brands to create, embed, distribute and monetize content on any website, mobile app or social page. More than 16,000 publishers and brands worldwide use Playbuzz's desktop- and mobile-friendly content tools to increase audience engagement, understand and analyze their users, optimize social distribution and improve their conversion.

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New York, United States
United States
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Developer Tools
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Playbuzz is a content creation platform that allows users to create interactive storytelling content, that can be used in marketing, broadcasting, and many other ways that drive audience engagement. It owns and operates its own website, and the platform allows customers to optimize content monetization with content that raises brand awareness and is highly shareable. Playbuzz, based in New York City, NY, USA, was founded by Shaun Olmert and Tom Pachys in 2012. Its backers include Disney. In addition to its offices in New York, Playbuzz also has locations in Lviv, Tel Aviv, and London. As of May 2019, Playbuzz counts among its users some of the most well-known media brands in the world, including the BBC, Sky Sports, The Telegraph, VH-1, Sports Illustrated, The Mirror and the Mail, as well as major commercial companies who use storytelling in their advertising, like Ford, Samsung, and Pizza Hut. Netflix also uses content created using Playbuzz as trailers to create a buzz around new shows. Playbuzz campaigns are performing in the top 10% globally according to Nielsen Digital Brand Effect, and there are 20k engagements with Playbuzz made content every minute around the world. New content is made using Playbuzz on average every 60 seconds.

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