We are a cloud software provider that supports the players in the energy market on their path into the future with innovative solutions for the digital transformation.powercloud is the ideal solution for companies of all sizes. Due to the advantageous software as a service model, expensive investments are a thing of the past. powercloud is ideal for start-ups, independent sales partners, municipal utilities and large energy corporations. Our list of customers reflects the universal appeal of powercloud. We look forward to serving your company.

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Achern, Germany
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PowerCloud Systems is a company that was bought by Comcast in 2014, and whose operations are now assimilated into Comcast’s offerings. PowerCloud Systems was a software platform provider that enables Networking as a Service (NaaS), allowing service providers and OEMs a cost-effective and powerful means of adding full cloud capabilities to their networking equipment – both their existing equipment and new offerings. By delivering their proprietary CloudCommand technology, PowerCloud Systems were able to give their customers everything that is needed to secure, configure, deploy and manage networking devices of all different kinds. The company worked with global leaders in networking to power their routers and wireless access points, and it also delivered cloud-managed networking to organizations all over the world. The company was backed by funding from leading investors including Qualcomm Ventures. PowerCloud Systems, based in Palo Alto, CA, USA was founded in 2009 as part of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) owned by Xerox, and became an independent company in 2010. Its best-known product was the SkyDog, a combination of a Wi-Fi router, HTML 5 application and cloud service. The company’s purchase by Comcast was confirmed in July of 2014 when it was reported by Tech Crunch.

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