Prelude is a comprehensive fertility company focused on providing proactive fertility care to improve people’s chances of having healthy babies when they’re ready. Founded in 2016 by serial entrepreneur Martín Varsavsky, Lee Equity Partners, Reproductive Biology Associates and My Egg Bank North America, the company was established to give men and women more reproductive choices and control over their biological clocks using The Prelude Method. The Prelude Method is a four-step process that includes egg and sperm freezing, genetic testing, embryo creation, and single embryo transfer. By coupling earlier decision making with the latest reproductive science and technology, The Prelude Method can dramatically increase the probability of having a healthy baby and decrease the chances of requiring infertility therapy later in life.

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Atlanta, United States
United States
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Prelude Fertility is a network of clinics that offer a range of cutting-edge solutions in the field of fertility and reproduction. These include genetic testing, egg donation, and storage of eggs and embryos. The clinics prioritize the emotional and psychological care of the patients and aim to help people to have the best medical chance of delivering a healthy baby. This can include freezing eggs for people who need to have medical interventions that may render them infertile or younger people who want to freeze eggs so that they have the chance to use them when they are ready. IVF and other fertility treatments are also carried out by Prelude. Prelude Fertility, based in Franklin, TN, USA, was founded by Martin Varsavsky who was inspired by his personal experiences of starting his own family to create a company with a patient-centered approach that would remove many of the roadblocks people were facing when it came to things like IVF. The company brought Inception, the parent company of Aspire Fertility, under the Prelude Network umbrella in March 2019, expanding its operations. As of May 2019, Prelude Fertility has centers all over the USA, and a staff of around 67 reproductive endocrinologists offering a combined experience of over 750 years in reproductive medicine.

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