Highly disruptive enterprise class SaaS solution for software supported price and margin management (“Pricing”) and CPQ (“Configure-Price-Quote”). Strong differentiation through uniquely short time to value, functional relevance and very untypical for the industry commercial model. Self-financed, doubling in size every year, value adding startup.

Primary Company Info

Pfaffenhofen, Germany
Year Founded:

NC Company Overview

Pricefx is a software company that specializes in products that help businesses to handle the often complex matter of pricing their offerings. It offers a comprehensive range of tools that can help companies to plan and strategize when it comes to pricing, to test out different pricing models based on different factors (such as cost, competition, and attribution), to manage discounts, and to create quotes. The software uses powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to analyze data and deliver insights that can make pricing decisions simpler and can help to bring up profits by optimizing pricing and promotions. Pricefx, based in Pfaffenhofen, near Munich, Germany, also has offices in the USA, Australia, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland, and it has a global outreach, with companies all over the world using its products to optimize their product pricing. As of May 2019, Pricefx is a certified partner of SAP, BAIN & Company, and Salesforce. It can, on average, according to its record with its clients, offer a 90% reduction in price setting time, generate a 25% increase in sales win rates, and a 30% rise in deal sizes, all by improving the pricing companies apply. Customers include EVENTIM, Sonoco, and Owens-Illinois.

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