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Online real estate specialist in property chain that guarantees the sale of the home in 90 days

Company Overview

Since we decided to create Prontopiso we were clear that we did not want to be a showcase of beautiful properties in which it was worth living. That was a minimum. A house is the most important investment in life and the buying and selling process is not as transparent as it should be because the interests of official bodies, financial entities and, of course, sellers and buyers intervene. Each on one end of the rope, pulling the same desire: make the best possible investment. Many times, in addition, personal circumstances do not accompany and decisions have to be accelerated. Therefore, because it is easy to get lost, because life comes as it comes and because time is the key to making the best decision, Prontopiso is today as it is: the only real estate that advances money on account of the sale, if you need it; that offers you time to find the best buyer; and that accompanies and advises you from the moment of the valuation of your house to the notarial signature.

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Barcelona, Spain
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