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A fashion recommendation aggregator platform powered by AI and personality trait science.

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An early-stage fashion tech startup blitzscaling its way to launch in February 2020, PSYKHE is an aggregator platform powered by machine learning, a subset of AI, and personality trait science, a subset of psychology. Ecommerce platforms are in a personalisation race using AI and big data: we will win because we understand the psychological data points and drivers behind consumer motivation better than any other play, and can codify personality traits in reference to clothing attributes. Our superior feature engineering using consumers' Big 5 personality trait data will create a new way to systemise why users like what they like. This truly tailored approach will yield better recommendations than simply bombarding users with a brand they've bought before. PSYKHE's founder is Anabel Maldonado, a fashion journalist and luxury brand consultant with a background in psychology. In 2017, she founded the media platform The Psychology of Fashion, which has become the digital authority on the study of why we wear what we wear. Anabel has secured backing from luxury fashion investor Carmen Busquets (Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, LYST) for both PSYKHE and its media arm The Psychology of Fashion, which has grown 327% year-on-year. For dominance in the fashion psychology space, Anabel and The Psychology of Fashion have been featured in Financial Times, O The Oprah Magazine, Vogue Spain, Vogue Italia, The New York Times Style Magazine: Singapore, New York Post, Garage – VICE, The Fashion Law, Medium, Women’s Health and Grazia UK. The launch of PSYKHE and Carmen's support is expected to receive corresponding media attention and marketing opportunities.

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