PTScientists is a German new-space company whose aim is to bring down the cost of space exploration and democratise access to the Moon. We are committed to breaking down the barriers to research in space, by developing reliable and affordable systems to deliver experiments and payloads to their desired locations.

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Berlin, Germany
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NC Company Overview

PTScientists is a private space exploration company that has developed the technology to send a 100kg payload to the surface of the moon. It draws on the expertise of scientists and engineers to work towards the vision of enabling more accessible, affordable space-related projects. PTScientists is based in Berlin, Germany. It is a private company that is looking to demonstrate that sustainable businesses around space exploration are possible. They work in conjunction with major companies that include Audi and Vodafone, to develop equipment and plan groundbreaking work that has the end goal of making space – particularly the moon – more accessible for things like scientific research. The company’s view is that space belongs to everybody and, therefore, it should be possible for companies and researchers to be able to privately access the ability to research in space, regardless of their country’s space program and its own aims. As of May 2019, PTScientists is planning its Mission to the Moon project, in which it will send two Audi made lunar rovers to revisit the site of the 1972 moon landing. This mission is intended to demonstrate and test the capabilities of their engineering and will pave the way for future lunar research.

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