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Next generation cyber security and cyber defense platform - made in Europe

Company Overview

Our software platform QuoLAB solves the business problem of operating efficiently cyber security and cyber defense strategies and capabilities, for enterprises and small/medium businesses across commercial and public sectors and verticals. QuoLAB delivers immediate business value by addressing the biggest challenges in the cyber security industry: too much data, too many vendors and tools and most importantly lack of experienced operators to adress the asymmetric cyber security problems. QuoScient is a team of over fourty people and fast growing (expect to double the team size in the next 12 months), that comprises exclusively of operators from enterprises, institutions and government agencies such as Deutsche Bank, ECB, DHS and NSA. We have engineered and built the next generation, threat centric and collaborational security operations platform addressing the key issues we see with current approaches. Learn more about QuoLab on our Youtube channel:

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Edition June 2019

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