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Privacy focused search engine presenting results in 4 distinct categories: Web, News, Social, Shopping


Qwant is a European search engine, which promises to respect the privacy of users and to offer them a new vision of the Internet by including web content, social networks, news, shopping as well as media. The results are visible on the same page through 5 columns to refine the search while exploring each category.

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Paris, France
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Content & Media
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NC Company Overview

QWANT is a search engine designed to offer users a different experience by not tailoring searches based on the user’s history. This makes it a good choice for people who have privacy concerns when using Google, or who want to perform searches for research without being caught in a ‘filter bubble’, where they are shown what the search engine thinks they want to see based on their own profile rather than an unbiased view of the information available related to their query. QWANT also has a QWANT Junior version, which is designed to filter out adult content, meaning that parents can equip their children’s devices with a default search engine that will not show inappropriate results. QWANT, based in Paris, France, is available in 13 languages and largely targets the European markets. As of May 2019, QWANT is the chosen search engine by the French government, and all searches done internally from government computers are performed using it. QWANT is also distributed as the default search engine on some official versions of the Mozilla Firefox browser. QWANT also has its own Firefox-based browser for iOS. QWANT process more than 10 million searches per day and sees over 50 million users per month. It is the 41st most visited site in France, and around 879th in the world.

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