Global migration is a 21st-century reality: Whether people are fleeing from something or racing towards better opportunity, finding love or experience new cultures, people are now living side by side in a new way. At Rebtel, we believe in tearing down borders – from the geographical borders that complicate international communication and borderless banking to the cultural borders that keep people divided. We’re on a mission to build products serving the 2 billion modern internationals of the world. We offer work, communication and banking services for anyone crossed a border.

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Stockholm, Sweden
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NC Company Overview

Rebtel is a telecom company that is focused on providing high-quality international calling at a cheap rate. It was designed to help people who have moved to another country to stay in touch with the people at home while avoiding high international call charges or having to use less reliable or lower quality internet-based means of talking. With Rebtel, calls are routed through local phone lines, allowing a call to be made from any phone to any other phone regardless of internet connectivity. Customers can pay for credit to pre-pay for their Rebtel international calls and can view their balance at any time, meaning that they always know how much they are spending on their international calling and won’t have to worry about receiving expensive phone bills. Rebtel, based in Stockholm, Sweden, aims to use its technology to help people from all over the world as they migrate or travel, and the service can be especially helpful to people who want to stay in touch with friends and relatives in places that aren’t served by fast, reliable internet. Customers can use Rebtel from any phone and can also keep track of their balance and top up their account using the Rebtel app for Android and iOS.

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