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RYDES is a transmodal loyalty program that enables its users to collect points with every trip.

Company Overview

The travel behavior of Millennials is changing in comparison to other generations. Millennials are not loyal to singular mobility providers. They are using a wide range of different mobility providers. Therefore they are never reaching a certain status in loyalty programs of singular mobility providers, which makes the existence of these loyal programs useless for the generation between 19-35. On top of that, does the perception of status symbols shift from rather traditional status symbols like a "goldcard" to understatement. In order to face the problems mentioned, RYDES has built a transmodal loyalty platform. No matter what mobility provider or type our users prefer, with RYDES they are earning points with all of them. Once collected a significant amount of points, RYDES offers you the chance to redeem these points for the latest lifestyle rewards like Car2Go, Tinder or Spotify. To incentive users to come back and upload more tickets, we have gamified our content, so our user can take part in challenges and win trophies, which will give them extra points. In the future RYDES is aiming to aggregate all different modes of transportation in one app, make them bookable and reward people for their loyalty to move around by offering discounts for their next trip.

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Berlin, Germany
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