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Scytl is leading the digital transformation and innovation in elections worldwide. Built up over 20 years of research and protected by over 40 international patents, Scytl’s solutions have been successfully used in over 30 countries across the globe.


Scytl´s election-specific technology and specialized security is helping drive innovation in the electoral industry across the globe. The electoral industry lags behind other industries in terms of technology adoption and is in the midst of much-needed modernization. By offering secure online voting and election modernization tools, Scytl has become the first company to provide key innovation and technology solutions in the industry, leading the digital transformation of elections worldwide with the objective of making elections more accessible, efficient, secure and transparent. Scytl’s solutions help democracies increase voter participation, citizen empowerment and public transparency, while reducing costs and improving voting access to disenfranchised voters (overseas, disabled, etc.). These missions help drive technology that has the potential to positively impact the lives of citizens worldwide.

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Barcelona, Spain
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Scytl is a technology company that focuses on enabling electronic voting in elections. It allows for anonymous, secure elections to take place and for results to be counted and published quickly. This makes the organization of elections easier for both the organizers and the voters, allowing them to place their votes wherever they are without having to attend polling stations or to complete postal votes. Scytl’s technology can be used for elections on all different scales, from political elections and party leadership votes to local and mayoral elections, and it can also be used by organizations like professional bodies and institutes. Scytl, based in Barcelona, Spain, was originally a spin-off from a university research group and was formed in 2001. It has a very strong focus on research and development and aims to innovate in terms of how fair elections are held, voted in, and counted. As of May 2019, Scytl technology has been used in elections of all different scales worldwide. Customers include the EU Parliament, the New South Wales Electoral Commission, the US Presidential Election, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State of Alaska, the Electoral Commission of Mexico City, the Brazilian Federal Administration Council, the UK Ministry of Justice, and many more.

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