SeeVoov is the first and only end-to-end video based travel planning platform, offering a unique visual-based approach to digital travel. The company aims to change the way people all around the world address their trip experiences, from planning, through executing, to post-trip sharing. SeeVoov offers a social, interactive, video based trip planner, enabling people with the opportunity to start enjoying their trip experience right from the planning process. Our offering encompasses both a user facing end-to-end interface (B2C), as well as unique B2B cooperation with airlines, cruise-lines, OTA's, and TV broadcast networks, integrating the platform (white labeled) into their own business offering (website, apps, on-board screes, smart TV's). This enables such partners to expand their product & service offering, enhancing customer engagement & loyalty, providing valuable user data and additional revenue streams. SeeVoov is changing the entire perception of the planning cycle from a lonely, tedious task, into a fun, exciting and time effective activity one can do together with family and friends!

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Ness Tziona, Israel
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