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The market leader for digitizing human motion with the world's first truly mobile glove system for AR, VR and other platforms.

Company Overview

Sensoryx is a Swiss electronics startup driven by the immersive powers of VR/AR. Its vision is to make interaction in AR and VR as natural as in the real world. Sensoryx strives to become the global market leader for digitizing human motion, the first step of which will be to establish the VRfree® system as the market leader for intuitive interaction with virtual content via licensing deals. VRfree® is the first mobile VR glove system allowing its users to use their hands naturally in VR/AR just as in real life. VRfree tracks the position of hands and fingers highly accurate and featuers a unparalleled fidelity of hand and finger positions and orientation compared to existing technology. VRfree can be used with all major HMDs - stationary and mobile ones. The system allows players to use their hands precisely, naturally and in realtime in VR/AR, making the use of controllers obsolete. Since the entire logic for the 3D tracking is integrated in the 2 gloves and the headmodule, the system is lightweight, self-sufficient and simple to use. No external, stationary references such as cameras or infrared beacons are required.

Primary Company Info

Zurich, Switzerland
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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