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Seven Senders

SEVEN SENDERS is the leading delivery platform to ship parcels in Europe. SEVEN SENDERS connects shippers to all local last mile carrier networks in Europe. Shippers are equipped with a fast and efficient delivery solution and a seamless tracking.

Company Overview

Seven Senders is the leading delivery platform for Europe-wide parcel shipping. Seven Senders offers the best individual solution for every parcel. The delivery platform connects shippers with their last mile carrier network in Europe. Shippers are provided you with a fast and cost-effective delivery solution, adapted to the needs and requirements of the end-customers. With the Seven Senders delivery platform, shippes can optimize costs and increase efficiency. Thanks to the Europe-wide carrier network and the modular structure, Seven Senders is also the right partner to expand into new markets. The local shipping partners, leaders in their field, and the tracking solution give the end-consumer a great user experience right up to the moment they hold the package in their hands. Shippers benefit from all services but have only one contact for their shipping solution. They work with great local carriers. They get the best rates because Seven Senders bundles the quantities from various customers. The platform offers a local returns solution in all countries, adapted to the needs of every customer, which saves time and money. Since Seven Senders harmonize the tracking data of all carriers shippers get full transparency at a glance about the performance of the supply chain across all carriers. This enables to identify potential problems in good time and monitor SLAs. Seven Senders tracking solution enables to offer perfect customer communication during shipment. Create individual dispatch messages tailored to the respective event via e-mail, SMS or Facebook Messenger and bring over 80 percent of your customers back to the shop. At the same time, shippers can reduce customer service requests by up to 26 percent. Seven Senders gives full control over shipping, unparalleled transparency and turn every shipping into a great customer experience.

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Berlin, Germany
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