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We offer the world's smallest vehicle BICAR for completely CO2-free mobility in urban areas.

Company Overview

Share the goal of your BICAR to enable sustainable and CO2-free mobility in urban areas. Worldwide more than 50% of car journeys are shorter than 5 km and thus cause a part of the CO2 emissions, of which 36% come from fossil fuels. In addition, only 1.1 people use a car. The number of cars and comparable persons per car in the cities leads to more and more traffic jams and chaos. With BICAR it will be possible for a driver to find a real alternative to the car. He will appreciate the weather protection, the transport possibility and the helmet-free driving as well as the possibility to park BICAR everywhere. This is a great advantage because BICAR is not classified as a car and can therefore be parked anywhere like a bicycle or moped. The market for this solution is very large and we have already established numerous inquiries and customer relationships with potential customers in Europe, the USA and Asia. We categorize customers as Business Fleet and Sharing Fleet business customers. These customers will each purchase several vehicles and operate a fleet with BICAR, which will either be used between business customers or rented by private individuals in cities for a short period of time. We are also interested in selling BICAR to private customers. The company's aim is to offer our solution to these customers as quickly as possible and to bring a large number of vehicles to market. As a first step, we will focus on the European market, later on the US and Asian markets. For the production we work together with an established manufacturer of small vehicles who manufactures BICAR on our behalf. For the USA and Asia regions, a license model for production with local companies is also conceivable.

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Bubikon, Switzerland
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