Sharegain is a Fintech firm that enables private investors to generate additional returns on their stocks, bonds and ETFs. The company is democratising the $2 Trillion securities lending market, opening-up the opportunity to most private investors for the first time. Its technology allows investors to take control of their portfolios and generate additional returns, regardless of how they perform; Enabling wealth to work harder, for those who create and manage it

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Investing & Trading
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Sharegain is a financial technology company that aims to bring the concept of securities lending to individual investors. Securities lending has been used for over 40 years by banks and major financial institutions as a way to gain additional returns on top of what their securities already earn. Up until recently, this style of lending has only been available to major institutions, however, it is now possible for anyone to lend the securities they own. Sharegain uses advanced data science and its proprietary technology to allow investors to get involved with securities lending and to take an approach that is as hands off as they like. Lending can either be decided by the investor in terms of which securities they will lend and to whom, using Sharegain’s interface or can be fully automated. Sharegain, based in London, England, aims to completely revolutionize the securities lending market, which is worth an estimated $2 trillion USD. As of May 2019, Sharegain has been featured in the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, Securities Lending Times, and other important financial media. The services that ShareGain offers are currently available in the UK, for people who want to either lend or borrow UK securities.