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Using state-of-the-art methods from machine learning and artificial intelligence, automatically extract information from CCTV cameras in real time, provide notifications and analytics. Retail focused, expanding to other physical environments.

Company Overview

Signatrix is an AI and Computer Vision Company based in Berlin. We automatically extract information from video streams (like CCTV cameras) in real time so that humans don't have to. There is all sorts of information contained in those video streams and the amount of data generated by cameras is growing at roughly 25% a year. Realistically, humans don't even have a chance to view and review this material, so we offer assistive systems that will notify and provide analytics for the incidents our customers care about. Our main application currently is loss prevention and analytics in the retail industry, where major international corporates are among our customers. Our goal is to expand the application of our technology layer to further verticals and to tackle and enable even more complex use cases with retails in the direction of a frictionless customer experience and further automation.

Primary Company Info

Berlin, Germany
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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