Silvair provides a complete wireless lighting control solution based on the globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh standard. Component manufacturers can easily integrate it into a variety of products, flexibly choosing specific features in accordance with their customers’ needs. In addition, Silvair provides dedicated tools for commissioning and managing Bluetooth mesh lighting networks in commercial spaces. Silvair Commissioning has been designed from ground-up to streamline and accelerate the commissioning process, so that it can be carried out without specialized training or lighting control engineering expertise.

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Cracow, Poland
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NC Company Overview

Silvair is a technology company that has developed both firmware for smart lighting components, and a platform for smart lighting management. Lighting powered using internet of things (IoT) technologies and artificial intelligence can provide a more energy efficient way to manage commercial and private buildings, including office spaces, retail facilities, and homes. Silvair’s technologies are provided to manufacturers of lighting products and solutions in order to help them access the market for technologically advanced and intelligent lighting. Silvair’s technology is provided to both product manufacturers who include it in their lighting components, to contractors and lighting suppliers who install the full platform at user sites, and to end users. Silvair, based in San Francisco, USA, is a public company traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as it was originally a Polish enterprise. As of May 2019, Silvair operates with a business model that differs depending on what type of customer they are providing their technology to. They offer technology to component manufacturers for one time payments, and offer solutions to contractors and suppliers on a similar basis, however they offer Lighting Control as a Service (LCaaS) to both suppliers and end users, such as property owners and managers and their tenants.

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