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To become the world’s leading e-commerce provider for product insurances.

Company Overview

The InsurTech simplesurance is changing the way people see and buy insurance. The traditional insurance industry has been rarely using the potential provided by digital transformation. By incorporating new digital sales channels insurers can acquire new – modern and tech-savvy – customers, hence a new generation of customers.  Being the market leader for digital insurance software solutions simplesurance develops cross-selling solutions at the interface of traditional insurance industry and modern digital world. The integration allows the purchase of insurance at the point-of-sale in 28 countries. More than 2,500 partners including e-commerce and banking providers as well as manufacturers use the innovative power and flexibility of the company’s cross-selling platform.  CEO and Founder, Robin von Hein and his team of more than 150 employees offer a simple access to insurance. They enable customers of Banks, FinTechs, online and offline shops to insure their gadgets directly during the process of the purchase at the point-of-sale. The insurance portfolio applies to a big variety of products, ranging from mobile electronics to household items, stationary electronics, tyres, strollers, pets, and more. In the digital customer journey are all steps automated, including the generation of insurance data, claim handling, and repair management. Only one click ads the insurance package to the product, directly in the shopping basket in online stores. Within the platform of FinTech partners, the integration identifies the smartphone on which the app is installed and offers a suiting premium and other insurances. 

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Berlin, Germany
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