Softonic publishes, the leading global software and app discovery destination, offering the most-complete selection of software and apps across hundreds of categories. Softonic is the European company with one of the largest online audiences, and currently holds 40th position worldwide with more than 100 million unique monthly users who generate more than 4 million daily downloads on

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Barcelona, Spain
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Softonic is a technology company that runs one of the largest and most trusted discovery platforms for apps of all kinds. Softonic has sections for people looking for all different types of apps, from productivity apps and shopping apps through to games and gadgets. Softonic covers apps for every platform, including mobile apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets, and desktop apps for Windows and Mac. It aims to make it as easy as possible for users to solve their problems using technology, and to discover new and interesting apps that offer innovative new uses for their devices. Softonic also offers developers a great new way to reach their target audience, and to deliver their software. Softonic, based in Barcelona, Spain, has been providing software discovery for two decades. It aims to give users a clean and safe discovery environment where they can trust the downloads, and also find useful, unbiased information to help them make their software choices. As of May 2019, Softonic serves over 100 million people per month and can see up to four million downloads of apps and other software every day. The website is available in a wide range of languages to support a global audience.

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