SolarisBank AG is a banking platform with a full banking license, allowing companies to offer their own financial products. Partners can access the solarisBank modules in the field of e-money, instant credit and digital banking as well as services from third-party providers integrated on the platform via API. Thus, solarisBank creates a technologically highly developed and regulatory sound banking ecosystem for fintechs, established digital companies and also banks.

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Berlin, Germany
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Banking Fintech
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NC Company Overview

SolarisBank is a banking platform that can be used by its customers to provide banking and other financial services to its customers. It has a full German banking license which means that it can allow companies to provide a fully compliant and legal set of banking services by using it. This can allow innovative businesses to add online financial services and banking to their offerings, and to do it in a way that is quick and easy to implement, as well as having all of the legal and regulatory compliance side of things taken care of. It uses RESTful APIs and other modern interfaces to seamless integrate its banking as a platform module into customers’ own online environments and automate processes wherever possible for a streamlined experience. SolarisBank, based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the leading fintech businesses in Europe. The banking license that is held by SolarisBank can be transferred to other European Economic Area countries in order to allow partner businesses in wider Europe to use its platform, as well as German companies. As of May 2019, SolarisBank is used by well-known partner companies in Germany to provide banking services. These include Borse Stuttgart, Tomorrow, Kontist, Trade Republic, Smeva and Al Baraka.