Spot.IM builds global communities around the web. Founded in 2012 by Nadav Shoval and Ishay Green, Spot.IM's mission is to foster deeply connected, engaged communities across every inch of the internet. By replacing old-school comments with thriving communities, Spot.IM empowers publishers to drive conversation, pageviews, clicks, and revenue. Spot.IM's mission is to create exceptional technology that empowers media publishers to protect the free press and develop meaningful online communities for millions of readers across the web.

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New York, United States
United States
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Social Advertising
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NC Company Overview

Spot.IM is a technology company that offers innovative solutions that can bring media sites to life with more user-generated content, interaction, and engagement. It can offer everything from automatically moderated live chat and comment boards through to customized news feeds and user review aggregation, giving more opportunity for publishers and brands to engage with visitors, and giving people more reasons to stay on a site or keep returning to it. It uses the latest in AI and machine learning technology to automate processes and keep the experience on message. Spot.IM, based in New York City, USA and Tel Aviv, Israel, works with some of the world’s biggest internet media brands such as NBC and USA Today, as well as independent online publishers like Refinery29, allowing for the first ‘everywhere’ social network – that is, communities and discussions that spread across all different media sites, without requiring the user to have an account on something like Twitter or Facebook to be kept up to date on the latest content they are interested in or engage in conversations about it in real time. As of June 2019, Spot.IM can count among its top tier customers major names in online news, entertainment, and media, including Fox News, AOL, Engadget, TEN, HuffPost, Uproxx, and thousands more well-known names.

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