Spotcap provides flexible and accessible small business financing, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what matters – their business. Spotcap developed its credit risk algorithm in-house and lends from its own balance-sheet. Headquartered in Berlin Germany, Spotcap launched in Spain in September 2014 before expanding to the Netherlands and Australia in 2015, the UK in 2016 and New Zealand in 2017. The company is led by Founder and CEO Jens Woloszczak. The growing team currently consists of more than 120 employees. Spotcap is backed by a number of world-class investors including Rocket Internet, Finstar Financial Group, Access Industries, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Kreos Capital and most recently Heartland Bank.

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Spotcap is a financial services company that aims to assist SMEs in gaining financing. It lends directly to small and mid-sized businesses subject to a fast approval process and can make funding available within one business day. Spotcap bases lending decisions on a range of factors rather than just the company or owner’s credit score, and so it can make funding accessible to a wider range of businesses. Spotcap offers loans tailored to the needs of the specific business and their situation and offers financing for any business purpose, including investment, expansion, equipment, cash flow, and other common reasons SMEs seek out financing. Spotcap offers a quick and easy signup and loan application process, as well as excellent customer support, to help customers ensure they are getting the best loan for them. Spotcap, based in Berlin, Germany, operates in a number of markets worldwide and has sites to cater to SMEs in the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. It has been featured by Business Insider, Finextra and Bloomberg, among other financial, business and mainstream media. As of May 2019, Spotcap is partnered with FBAA, AFG, and KPMG, who partner the company in providing support to SMEs across their different markets.

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