Starling Bank is a UK mobile-only bank offering personal, joint and business accounts. Our app helps people take the stress out of money by letting them visualise and manage their finances in real time, all from one app. Our 100% mobile personal accounts include instant real-time payment notifications, insights into spending habits, in-app card lock, a flexible overdraft and 24/7 in-app customer service and the Starling Marketplace - which allows our customers to connect to an ecosystem of financial services and products, all in app, putting control over their entire financial life in the palm of their hand. Plus, with a MasterCard Contactless Debit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, FitBit Pay and Garmin Pay - our customers can pay their way.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Banking Fintech

NC Company Overview

Starling Bank is an app-based banking company that provides UK bank accounts which can be managed completely online, using the app for Android and iOS. Starling Bank can provide debit cards, and its app gives users plenty of helpful financial features that can keep them informed about their financial situation and also allow them to make payments. Starling Bank offers cutting-edge security features for all of its bank account types, and also makes it easy for new customers to open accounts or move to a Starling Bank account from another bank. Starling Bank is based in London, UK. It was originally founded as Starling Financial Services in 2014, by Anne Boden. It became Starling Bank in 2016. Starling Bank originally offered online current accounts with added features that helped customers to manage their budget and save towards goals, as well as helpful facilities for sending money instantly. As the company grew, it branched into offering business accounts, joint bank accounts, euro bank accounts for UK customers, and loans, as well as continuing to add new benefits to its current accounts. As of June 2019, Starling Bank has been awarded both Best Current Account and Best British Bank in 2019.

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