Leading data and business intelligence portal. Statista provides its customers with considerable efficiency and cost benefits with regard to locating business-relevant information, primarily in the form of statistics, on a single highly-relevant platform. The portal offers a vast pool of data in German, English, French, and Spanish, which is collected in accordance with customer needs and expanded on a daily basis

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Hamburg, Germany
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Big Data & AI

NC Company Overview

Statista is the world’s leading statistics company and provides a range of powerful solutions that can help people research markets, analyze consumer behavior, and much more. It offers three levels of membership, with a free subscription that allows people to explore the basic statistics for their own personal research through to a full corporate subscription that allows all of the analytical power of Statista to be brought in to an enterprise and used to aid decisions and strategy throughout the business. Statista, based in New York City, USA, has a global outreach with offices all over the world, including in London, UK, Paris in France, Hamburg in Germany, Singapore, and other world cities. As of May 2019, Statista has over 600 employees across its office locations, including a high number of highly skilled and educated statisticians and researchers, who check data and stats. It has over one million statistics on more than 80k topics, coming from 22.5k credible data sources across 170 industries. Statista receives 12 million visits per month on average and has more than 1.5 million registered users. Statista is used by companies of all sizes and can count among its big-name customers the likes of Samsung, PayPal, P&G, Adobe, Google and T Mobile.

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