Stocard is a leading mobile wallet already used by more than 35 million people and growing by more than 1 million users every single month. One reason why people love Stocard is that the app goes beyond payments and creates an exciting experience around shopping. In addition to paying with the Stocard app, users store all their loyalty cards in the app and collect all their rewards at every store by just showing the app. Besides, consumers receive personalized offers from their favorite retailers, see their points balance and status level in real-time, and can sign up for new shopping cards. Stocard will continue to re-bundle various industries in one wallet (think for example financial services, such as consumer credit) and bring them to its millions of users. During the next years, the company wants to continue its growth and offer its one-stop wallet - including financial services, shopping, and more - to 100 of millions of customers in Europe, Northern America, and APAC and shape the future of how people shop and access financial services.

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Mannheim, Germany
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