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Turns the smartphone of millions into a digital wallet shaping the future of how they bank and shop


Stocard is the leading European mobile wallet already used by more than 45 million people and growing by more than 1 million users every single month. One reason why people love Stocard is that the app goes beyond payments and creates an exciting shopping experience. In addition to paying with the Stocard app, users collect all their rewards at every store by just showing their loyalty cards inside the app and save even more through personalized offers and card-linked coupons. Besides, they can see their points balance and status level in real-time can sign up for new shopping cards and more. Stocard will continue to build a one-stop wallet, including more financial services, such as for example, consumer lending, cashback, premium insurance, or micro-investments. During the next years, the company wants to continue its growth and offer its wallet to 100s of millions of customers and shape the future of how people shop and access financial services.

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Mannheim, Germany
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Stocard is a technology company that has created an app which can serve as an online wallet for all of the customer’s store loyalty cards. This can help save customers from missing out on deals and rewards because they have forgotten the right card, and also allows people to find out about new offers for loyalty card holders from the brands they shop with. Stocard can be used by businesses to communicate vouchers and other special offers, but also to attribute purchases to app-based marketing. This is because Stocard is one of the few means of marketing that crosses over from online into physical stores, so Stocard can know the location of a purchase made by one of its users and clearly attribute this sale to the promotion pushed to the user via the app. Businesses can, therefore, gain a better insight into the ROI of marketing performed using the Stocard app, even when the conversions take place offline. Stocard, based in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany operates throughout Europe and can support businesses looking to add their loyalty cards all over the region. As of May 2019, Stocard reaches 35 million households in Europe, and the average user has 14 loyalty cards in their virtual wallet.