Straight Teeth Directâ„¢ is a direct to consumer teledentistry platform that connects users to online dentists globally enabling at home cosmetic teeth straightening at a cost saving of up to 70%.

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Cork, Ireland
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Straight Teeth Direct is a company that aims to revolutionize how adults who would like straighter teeth go about achieving them. They provide a unique program that gradually straightens teeth over a course of months, using 3D printed invisible braces that are worn most of the time. It provides a full program overseen by an assigned orthodontist; however, the customer never has to visit a dentist in person, and it is done for the same fixed cost for every patient. Straight Teeth Direct, based in Dublin, Ireland, was created with the vision of making it possible for more people to get the benefits of cosmetic dentistry without the high costs or frequent dentist visits. By using its platform to connect customers with their assigned orthodontist and delivering their tooth alignment devices using 3D printer technology, they can offer a complete system for improving dental alignment at up to 70% less cost than traditional methods. As of May 2019, Straight Teeth Direct has provided its system to people in 43 different countries. The devices can be shipped to anyone in the world, though at present the information needed to follow the program is only available in English, so customers do need to be able to understand English to use the tooth straightening system.

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