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Stream Time is a modern day TV guide for live streaming.

Company Overview

We solve the problem of viewers missing out on live content from their favourite broadcasters on platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope and Twitch. More than that, we help users find new broadcasters through discovery features such as live lists, search and recommended content.Scheduling Brands and influencers can inform their fans & followers in advance of when they plan to be live and on which platform. Discovery Users can follow Broadcasters they are interested in and set reminders for specific broadcasts, but also find other interesting live content creators. Unified Experience Centralised platform covering all major live streaming applications and even website URLs. User Schedule Widget Embed a broadcaster’s streaming schedule directly onto any website. Featured Widget For publishers to embed within articles, broadcasters pay to be featured. Web App A web browser tool for broadcasters to create and manage their schedules. We are seeking seed investment. The next step is to build upon our existing MVP to include powerful API integrations to the major social platforms. Our aim is for Stream Time to become the go-to place for all live video consumption.

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United Kingdom
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