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Our company vision is a world where small businesses can be successful doing what they love.


SumUp is a financial technology company that allows businesses of all sizes to receive payments quickly and simply, both in-store and online. Named as Europe’s fastest-growing company in the ‘Inc. 5000’, SumUp has over 3,000 companies joining every day globally - and with its card terminals relied upon by businesses from DHL to black cab drivers - SumUp surpassed an annual revenue of €200 million. In October 2018 SumUp released its 3G reader, a card terminal that lets merchants process payments without the need for a mobile app or constant Wi-Fi connection.

SumUp’s 100% digital sign-up, fast delivery, and quick and easy set-up means that merchants can be empowered by digital transactions within just minutes of receiving their reader. For more information, visit our website (, and @SumUp.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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SumUp is a financial technology company with a focus on enabling businesses to accept card payments. It offers card reader hardware that can process as many as 500 transactions per charge, and which connects with a powerful and free point of sale app that can help the merchant monitor the payments they have accepted and manage their business finance. SumUp can accept payments from all major credit and debit cards as well as things like Apple Pay, and it can process cards using the magnetic stripe, the chip and PIN, or process contactless payments. SumUp also handles payments at a transparent and affordable fee and provides the hardware and software needed at a low cost. SumUp, based in London, England, has a global outreach with sites for markets all over the world, including the USA and many European countries. As of May 2019, SumUp is used by businesses of all sizes to allow for convenient card payment processing, as well as to collect payments on the go and to gather data from the point of sale. Well-known brands that use SumUp include MyTaxi, Staples, Bosch, DHL, and Tupperware, though many small and mid-sized businesses also choose SumUp as their card payment solution.

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