Company Overview

Lost, misplaced and misdirected baggage and freight are a significant problem for the airline industry. While there are many initiatives around improving the baggage infrastructure at airports and the information provided to customers, there are still many parts of the journey where asset location data is not available. Superfari provides a unique, independent tracking solution to the global travel industry - combining modular design, automated flight mode, flexible cloud based asset management and configurability for specific use cases into a simple and flexible product offering. The company offers a cloud based tracking service for luggage and other valuable goods on the move. We target luggage manufacturer, airlines, frequent flyer schemes, service providers and passengers who want to ensure that their valuable assets are always visible to them in the digital domain. Our product is an infrastructure independent system designed around core elements of tracking, sensing and power management and at the same time meeting the stringent requirements of the aviation industry. Having been initially funded by InnoRampUp Hamburg, we have completed our working prototype design which is currently in field testing. At present we are engaged in customer acquisition and securing the next round of investment to take our unique product to market. Our system has been designed to meet not only the needs of the target market, but to enable future business expansion and growth to be supported due to the modularity of its design.

Primary Company Info

Hamburg, Germany
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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