Our mission is to empower people to easily get clean and healthy water from tap, with a minimum environmental impact. TAPP Water provides affordable solutions for clean and sustainable water directly from the tap at home. The company is based in Barcelona, Spain with a team of experienced water, product and technology experts.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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TAPP Water is a technology company that sells smart water filters that are attached directly to the tap or faucet. It offers IoT water filter devices that can be connected to their free mobile app and can let users know when they need to replace the biodegradable filters, and also provide other useful features. They also offer filters for showerheads that can remove chemicals like chlorine from the water used to shower in, which makes it kinder to skin. TAPP Water filters are sold and used worldwide. TAPP Water, based in Barcelona, Spain, has products designed for the European and American markets and offers different types of filters for drinking water and for showerheads. The company was founded in 2014 with the aim of providing cost-effective, easy to use filters that could provide drinking water straight from the tap that tastes as good as bottled water, with the aim of reducing the number of plastic bottles used globally and the resulting waste. Statistics show that only 20% of the plastic bottles used end up being recycled, and so TAPP Water was created to give consumers an alternative to buying bottled water, which would also save them money and give them greater convenience.

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