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We change how the world moves. Teralytics partners with telecom operators to unlock unprecedented insights into people's journeys.

Company Overview

Until now, cities and mobility services have been designed based on assumptions of how officials and private companies expect people to move. But, they aren’t taking the actual journeys of the whole population into consideration. As a result, for many, mobility is limited. Not just physically, but socially and economically. It’s stopping people from reaching their full potential. Ineffective transport services can be the difference between a job not taken and a family life compromised. Teralytics partners with mobile network operators to solve this problem with the most accurate indicator of people’s movement – their mobile devices. It’s the one thing everyone has with them at all times. And the cell towers receiving their signals don’t discriminate based on device model or apps. Due to its complexity and scale, mobile network data has been nearly impossible to understand or utilize. That’s why we’ve pioneered a way to translate it into actionable insights. For the first time we’ve unlocked truly inclusive data on people’s journeys.

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Zurich, Switzerland
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