Thermondo is a an integrated energy company offering state-of-the-art energy efficiency services. Thermondo became the largest installer of heating solution in Germany applying digital process excellence and quality management. We believe in deep vertical integration in order to achieve market disrupting quality and an outstanding customer experience.

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Berlin, Germany
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Internet of Things
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NC Company Overview

Thermondo is a heating company that is driven by the mission of reducing carbon emissions and creating greater energy efficiency in the domestic heating market. It offers a wide range of services and solutions that can improve the efficiency of home heating systems, including replacement heating that can be either bought or rented and also heating design and installation for new build homes. It focuses on the domestic market in Germany and provides different options to make switching to more environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating more affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. Efficient heating can reduce the CO2 emissions of a household by as much as 30%, and when this improvement is multiplied across the many German homes that have become Thermondo customers, the company is having a big environmental impact, in addition to letting its customers save money on energy bills long-term. Thermondo, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded by Philipp Pausder, Florian Tetzlaff and Kristofer Fichtner in 2012, with the vision of providing better energy efficiency in German homes and disrupting the traditional heating market. It has become the biggest heating installer in the German market and uses only energy efficient solutions like solar thermal energy and domestic water heat pumps.

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