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What's the most natural interface? A face. We enable your conversational A.I. to understand human emotions and express their own:

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If you have something important to discuss, how do you do it? Text, email, phone..? If it's really important, you'd best do it face-to-face, right? At, we believe machines will need to learn to communicate face-to-face like us. And that's at the heart of what we do: we are a Berlin-based startup and we enable face-to-face human-machine-interaction where it really matters: in sales, negotiation or consultation situations. We bring your conversational A.I. to life by giving it a face and the ability to understand human emotions and express their own. Our animated photorealistic three-dimensional avatars spark the human element in any application, from virtual try-ons for eyewear over virtual retail store assistants to the next generation of personalized customer service. Check out a demo here:

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Berlin, Germany, Germany
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Edition June 2019

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