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Twin Science & Robotics

Twin is an ed-tech start-up teaching students science through robotics kits and digital app.

Company Overview

Twin Science & Robotics is an ed-tech start-up teaching students science through robotic kits and digital app. We believe that every child is born with a strong sense of curiosity that embodies an urge for discovery and invention. As they grow up, the steadfast truths, the social norms, the standardized education system turn them into passive learners, inhibit their curiosity; and sometimes unknowingly turn it into fear. We created Twin with the passion that we could spark children’s innate power of curiosity and introduce ongoing fun learning experience given the right tools and platforms. Twin introduces science and technology concepts to children, then allows them to question, to be creative, to experiment, to learn & unlearn, and to be resilient. We provide 2 platforms: Robotics Kits and Digital Application. Different concepts of Twin robotics kits consist of electronic modules that could easily be attached with magnets. The pieces are also LEGO compatible. Every kit has a set of readily available experiments to spark curiosity. The number of experiments is only limited by one’s creativity! Twin digital application consists of interdisciplinary courses that exposes the kids to scientific concepts. This platform also provides a community, where Twinners can share and celebrate their experiments and learn together. In the advance stages, using patterns of the children from their digital journey, Twin will offer customized learning path for each child. The founders met at YGA, a NGO. “The latest technology to the most remote rural areas.” This is the motto Twin was built on. Born out of the insights of the more than 5000 hours of sessions held with kids in rural areas, the first Twin kits were built with the guidance of Turkey’s first science Nobel laureate Prof. Aziz Sancar, Harvard & MIT University Prof. Mehmet Toner. With the purchase a Twin kit, everyone can contribute to the Science Campaign extending to the remotest villages.

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Istanbul, Turkey
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