Tylko was founded with ambition at heart and technology at hand. We are a pack of experienced, highly creative designers from various backgrounds, and we share one common objective: to meet the needs of customers and provide a bespoke experience. This human approach is what fuels our grand blueprint for the designer furniture industry: to make it digital and revolutionize how people design, adapt, and build unique pieces of furniture.

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Warsaw, Poland
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NC Company Overview

Tylko is a furniture company that specializes in shelves and other storage solutions, including wall units, shoe storage, chests of drawers, bookcases, and TV stands. The main selling point of Tylko shelves is that they are designed to fit the customer’s chosen space and dimensions perfectly, making for a custom look and also allowing for space to be used efficiently in rooms with unusual shapes and dimensions. Tylko offers a wide range of colors and finishes for its base designs and allows the customer to personalize a complete shelving solution for their home or office online, and the products can be shipped to customers across Europe. Tylko, based in Warsaw, Poland, prides itself on using high-quality wood from sustainable forests in Finland in the manufacturing of its products, and also on having created an innovative and easy to use way of putting together its flat packed units, without the need for tools or complicated instructions. Tylko also offers vinyl storage solutions. As of June 2019, Tylko offers its website in English, French, and German, and can ship to most European countries, including Spain, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Slovakia, Sweden, Denmark, and Estonia.

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