Typeform is a cloud based application that is reinventing the way users create and respond to surveys and other types of forms, by making the process more user-friendly and engaging for both creators and end users. Being the first device-agnostic form solution, Typeform provides creators with peace of mind that their forms will have the same great look and feel on any smartphone, tablet or web browser.

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Barcelona, Spain
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Horizontal SaaS
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NC Company Overview

Typeform is a technology company that allows clients to create professional looking forms for data capture. Typeform forms can be used for all kinds of purposes, which can cover the whole customer journey, including newsletter sign up forms, quizzes, customer satisfaction surveys, and much more. At the back end, the data collected by these forms can be easily managed, and on the customer side, the design can be customized to create a visually appealing, on-brand user experience. Typeform has both free and paid solutions, with its free options allowing new customers or small website owners to create attractive user-friendly forms, and the professional solutions giving access to a powerful range of options and features. The company offers full support to its clients, and also provides content that can help people get the most out of the solutions. Typeform, based in Barcelona, Spain, was founded in 2012 by David Okuniev and Robert Munoz. The founders are designers who wanted to create a means to make online forms more appealing, user-friendly, and generally human. Their solutions are now used by brands and businesses of all sizes to create beautifully designed, interactive forms that can make the all-important exchange of information between businesses and customers simpler and more appealing.