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unu was created to enable you to make the most of your life in the city. Designed in Berlin. Engineered in Germany. At home in all cities.


We created unu to enable people to embrace the full potential of urban life. We achieve our vision by creating the best urban mobility solution to connect you with your city. Best for us means: 
affordable, fast, effortless, reliable, appealing & clean. With our first product - the unu Scooter Classic - we made e-mobility accessible to everyone and became the market leader in Germany. Based on the learnings with >10.000 customers, as well as leading scooter sharing companies, we have developed the new unu Scooter. It's still a scooter, but smarter. For more info, please check out

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Berlin, Germany
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Electric, Flying & Autonomous Vehicles

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Unu Motors is a vehicle engineering company that has created a new design of electric scooter designed to offer stylish mobility in urban areas. The scooters are available to buy or lease, with leasing solutions allowing people to access convenient transport for an affordable monthly fee. As with car leasing programs, the leasing of Unu scooters includes things like insurance and maintenance. Unu scooters are designed to be quiet, safe, and easy to use, and have been developed with both private and business users in mind. The scooters have room for storage, portable batteries, electric engines, and digital keys. Unu Motors, based in Berlin, Germany, is partnered with top tier global technology investors, including Bosch Service, PEM Motion, CDTM, LG, TUV, and Vodafone. Its long-term vision is to create the perfect mobility solution for urban life, helping people to get the most out of the cities they live in. They believe that the perfect city vehicle would be electric, connected, and autonomous, and their strategy is to perfect one of these aspects per generation, over three product generations. The electric Unu scooter is the first-generation product within this strategy. As of June 2019, the Unu scooter is in the preorder phase, with the first scooters expected to be with their owners in September 2019.