Company Overview

Mobility is one of the key drivers of urban development. Visions of urban mobility are manifold and reach from flying taxis over aerial cableways to autonomous shuttles in underground tunnels. A lot of these visions have one thing in common: they are about moving as many people as possible. But they are mostly also station-based. Thus people need to get to the closest stop. UrmO is a lightweight and foldable self-balancing scooter, perfectly suited to complement all kinds of urban transport on the last mile. Thanks to the patented, innovative folding mechanism, the urban electric vehicle can be transformed into briefcase size within a second and then taken along. Big 14 inch wheels and the small packing size are a huge benefit in crowded urban areas. These features enable simple mobility and thus provide perfect user experience every day. UrmO paves the way for visions of urban mobility to become reality.

Primary Company Info

Gilching, Germany
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Edition June 2019

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