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Valens is a fabless semiconductor company enabling the next-generation of high-speed connectivity with HDBaseT technology. Established in 2006, Valens is a private company headquartered in Israel with offices worldwide. The company is the world leader in HDBaseT technology, addressing the needs of the different sectors that depend on advanced digital media distribution, such as audiovisual, industrial, medical, and now automotive. HDBaseT Automotive simplifies and optimizes in-vehicle connectivity, providing the necessary infrastructure to enable the many cameras, sensors, LiDARs, smart antennas, displays and more, taking vehicles to the next level of connectivity. Valens HDBaseT Automotive chipsets provide a single, holistic, cost-effective approach to in-vehicle connectivity with: - Unprecedented multi-Gigabit throughput over the simplest cabling infrastructure for 15 meters - Extraordinary capabilities to handle EMC requirements without compromising performance - Convergence of multiple native interfaces over the same link (such as audio, video, Ethernet, controls, USB, PCIe and power) - Simple and scalable architecture, while enabling daisy-chaining, multistreaming, and networking, with near-zero latency HDBaseT Automotive lowers total system costs, while supporting more bandwidth and applications. It leads to reduced overall cable length, weight and space, and demands less chipsets, devices and connectors, while meeting EMC requirements.

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Hod Hasharon, Israel
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Consumer Electronics
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