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Empowering people in Africa by providing the basis for the digital revolution: Access to electricity. Village Power is building a last-mile distribution and service network forSolar Home Systems, energy efficient appliances and related services.

Company Overview

Empowering people through access to electricity - Village Power is building a last mile distribution and service network for Solar Home Systems, energy-efficient appliances and related services in Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe that access to electricity is a key driver for leapfrogging development. Providing access to electricity to the people in Sub-Saharan Africa will - together with the already much improved mobile telecommunication infrastructure - help to unlock the potential of the second biggest and fastest growing continent. Decentralized Village Power Solar Home Systems use the abundance of sun in Africa to provide clean, reliable energy directly to the end-consumer, independent of government electrification plans. The consumptive energy spending on fossil fuels for lighting (11.6 bn USD p.a. in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, where 600 mn people today do not have access to electricity) can be converted into an investment into Solar Home Systems that produce electricity for free once they are paid-up and fully owned. Once these people get access to electricity, a tremendous development potential opens up to them. - Saving time and money and increasing the number of productive hours in a day. - Clean, bright light improves health and safety. - Entertainment and Information through radio and television. - Many different business opportunities leading to an increase in household income. - Access to Internet and Mobile telecommunication. - e-commerce - digital-/tele-health - access to finance through mobile banking and mobile money - micro-insurance With it's local shops, a broad range of products, flexible payment plans, on-site installation and on-site warranty, Village Power is very well positioned to build a large satisfied customer base and a trusted brand. This way, Village Power empowers it's customers along their way to an improved standard of living and unlocks an enormous cross- and up-sell potential.

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Baar, Switzerland
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Edition June 2019

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