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Vulog builds the technology solutions that power the most successful shared mobility businesses around the world. Every 2 seconds, someone starts a trip powered by our platform AiMA (Articifical Intelligence Mobility Applied).


Vulog builds the technology solutions that power the most successful shared mobility businesses around the world. Free-floating, round-trip, peer-to-peer carsharing, ride-hailing, hybrid services or autonomous mobility pilots: all models are hitting the streets with our smart and flexible SaaS mobility solution. Vulog provides the framework and business intelligence to get started within 3 months in full confidence. We act as the catalyst enabling mobility operators to focus on sustained growth and profitability. Our unique experience with dozens of customers around the world, combined with our Artificial Intelligence proficiency, enables us to anticipate end-user demand unlike any other, while optimizing fleet management and vehicle balancing. Founded in 2006, Vulog is a pioneer of shared mobility. We are on a mission to foster green mobility and positive change for people, cities and our planet. Today, someone starts a trip powered by our technology every 2 seconds.

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Nice, France
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Vulog is a technology company that delivers the software used to operate mobility programs, such as carsharing platforms. It uses the best in proprietary technology to create a robust platform that can be branded for local carsharing schemes, allowing new initiatives in different world cities to be taken off the ground quickly and easily. Vulog technologies can be used not only by carsharing initiatives but also for other mobility programs that are becoming more and more widely used in urban areas around the world, including scooter and bike sharing services and ride-hailing programs. Vulog, based in Nice, France has offices all over the world and a presence on five continents. Its aim is to make green, convenient mobility available to people in cities everywhere, and 90% of the fleet powered by Vulog is electric. As of May 2019, Vulog is used to power mobility businesses in cities across Europe, North America, Australia and the wider world, including schemes in Madrid, Denmark, Miami, Melbourne, Sao Paolo, Antwerp, Stockholm, Wellington, and many more. A trip taken using a project based on Vulog technology starts every two seconds, somewhere in the world, and this adds up to more than 15 million journeys per year.

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