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WAAM is an innovative platform injecting Blockchain technology into the global e-commerce market. WAAM platform provides retailers with access to a comprehensive marketing database, smarter targeting, and advanced campaign management tools.

Company Overview

The WAAM platform provides retailers with access to huge marketing database, which includes consumers real purchase behavior as well as cross-market retailers’ data, allowing retailers to reach a better-targeted audience. While also opening a direct communication channel between retailers and consumers, enabling retailers to send personalized offers tailored to their consumers’ needs. Online shoppers are constantly rewarded for sharing their eCommerce behavioral data with retailers, while still keeping ownership over their data having control to decide when and how their information will be shared, GDPR compliant. The WAAM’s blockchain protocol also benefit external DApps and Apps, as it enables them to monetize their users’ information, rewarding them for the usage of their database. WAAM will launch into the global e-commerce sphere through a strategic partnerships with FashionTV and inFASH. WAAM is connected already to the Mass Market with those partnerships, and more are joining soon and using fashion influencers with their tens of millions of followers. FashionTV, the international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting station that has reached over 1 billion people across the globe, viewed at more than 500 millions households and has strong presence in the social media platforms with millions of followers. FashionTV is planned to embed WAAM across its channels, making the WAAM Token an officially acceptable currency. The collaboration with FashionTV’s connections to thousands of celebrities and high quality retailers, will help increase WAAM’s exposure, bringing WAAM to the homes of millions of people around the world. inFASH (Android (, IOS (, a fashion community network, affiliated with thousands of global brands, is the one of the first working apps to embed the WAAM Protocol .inFASH helps connect fashion lovers, online shoppers, and retailers in a seamless and direct peer-to-peer marketplace.

Primary Company Info

Gibraltar, Gibraltar
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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