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WechselGott is the automatic and continuous change service for contracts and insurances. Our algorithm switches providers simply and safely to the best fit for our customers. Users have no effort: simply register in under 2 minutes and save money & time.

Company Overview

What is WechselGott? WechselGott ist the automatic and continuous change service for contracts and insurances. Why everyone needs WechelGott? Fully automatic change service for contracts and insurance policies • Switching providers is simple and safe. Continuous rate optimization • Our algorithm finds the rate/offer that fits best for the customer. Best price/performance ratio • We regularly compare hundreds of offers and services and continuously optimize the rate. No effort for the user • WechselGott relieves the user of all the effort and makes the customer happy How we work • Easy registration in less than 2 minutes • Secure linking of bank details • We now analyse the current contracts based on the bank transactions and compare them with hundreds of market options • After successful search we cancel the existing rate of the customer • ... and book the optimal rate for them • We regularly check customer demand and the market and continuously adjust the used rate Why should you get in contact with us? • We have a strong vision to provide a comprehensive financial assistant • We offer strong added value and high customer satisfaction • WechselGott connects the best services on the market • We are the modern engine for customer acquisition in the financial sector

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Leipzig, Germany
Year Founded:

Edition June 2019

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